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South Island Views from our Motorbike

Stop for a swim in the lake

Awsome scenery

What a ride

Blue blue skies

Early autumn

Dry river

Last of the snow

South Island traffic

Pass them shortly

The road team

Taking a break

Never done that before

Riding the swing bridge

Shifting glacia

You can hike up this

Beautiful winters day

Early winter

Time for a swim

End of the road

Motorcycle tours Christchurch New Zealand

Breathtaking views

Great views from the bike

Snow fed river

This is the way to travel

We will be back!


Travel Tips on 2 Wheels

Guidance notes for a 7 day tour of the South Island of New Zealand. These notes are general points to bear in mind when touring the South Island on two wheels.  The suggested itinerary is for those planing to tour for 7 days, but personalised itineraries can be provided whether you are planning a 3 […]

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