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Kawasaki ZZR1100

From: $140.00


The Kawasaki ZZR 1100 is one of my all time favourite bikes. big, ballsy, ballistic, breathtaking, quite simply brilliant.  Kawasaki have always had a reputation for producing motorcycles that are little bit different, but in particular producing engines that produce breathtaking performance giving more power than they have any right to.  This was the case in the 1970’s with their legendary range of 2 stroke triples, and of course the 1973 Z1.   Launched in 1990 the ZZR 1100 amazed the world at its launch.  Powered by an inline four, watercooled, 16 valve engine, assisted by a ram air intake system producing 147bhp.  Combined with an aluminium twin spar frame, with conventional but stylish running gear this motorcycle is a sensation on the road.   There is a relentless wave of acceleration from any revs, in any of its six gears, even with pillion and luggage.   All this performance with great comfort for rider and pillion. This motorcycle was also the fastest production motorcycle from 1990-1997 until the arrival of the Honda Blackbird which was a few kph faster due to higher gearing, at the expense of acceleration.  This is a late D6 model, and comes complete with full Givi luggage.  Your chance to thrill yourself with one of the greatest motorcycles ever.

Bike Features:

  • Unlimited Km’s
  • Luggage
  • Heated Hand Grips
  • Full AA breakdown cover
  • Able to carry rider & pillion