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Terms and Conditions

We want your experience with Motorcycle Rentals Ltd to be a fun and hassle free experience, however for everyone’s benefit there are some terms and conditions that apply. Please read carefully as you will sign to say that you have read and understood these Terms and Conditions when you pick up the motorcycle.


Motorcycle Rentals Ltd (MCR) is fully authorised by the NZ Transport Agency to provide fit and proper vehicles for hire and reward. Motorcycle Rentals Ltd and the hirer agree to be bound by New Zealand law.


Minimum age for hire is 21 years.


All drivers must have a full Motorcycle Driving Licence (held for at least 2 years), and except for specific agreement for those on a restricted licence for bikes up to 650cc,which can be a NZ, International, or Driving Licence from your home country. At the commencement of hire as the Driving Licences of all riders must be sighted.


Prior to the vehicle been released to the hirer, a bond of $2,500.00 NZD must be paid, either by cash deposit, or from a valid credit card in the name of the hirer. For hire periods of upto 10 days a pre authorisation from a credit is acceptable.  For 11 days or more, the bond must be paid by credit card or cash which will be refunded/returned to you when you return the undamaged motorcycle. This bond covers your insurance excess in the event of accident or damage. Also it will cover any fuel refill required at the end of your hire, and any minor loss or damage to the motorcycle during your period of hire.  The vast majority of incidents/accidents are caused by riding in unsuitable conditions (e.g heavy rain) or riding for too many hours and becoming tired. Customers average 6 hours riding per day or approx 330km. Please remember you are here to experience the sights and sounds of New Zealand, not to see how many kms you can ride. Unless the incident or accident is the fault of another vehicle there will be an admin charge of $250.00 NZD (plus parts and repair costs). This covers the time involved in obtaining any new parts required , organising repairs and potentially informing customers that their motorcycle is not available for them due to an accident.


At the time of booking a 20% deposit is required of the total hire cost for the period chosen. The full balance is due 30days prior to the first day of hire.


If a cancellation is made more than 30 days from the first day of hire then a full refund of your deposit will apply. No portion of the deposit will be refunded at less than 30 days from the first day of hire. You are strongly advised to take out travel insurance at the time of booking to take care of any unplanned cancellations.


The standard period of hire is multiples of ONE DAY which is 24 hours. Minimum period of hire for any motorcycle is 3 days. Longer periods of hire are multiples of one day (see price list for charges). The period of hire will commence from when you arrive at our depot to collect the motorcycle. If the vehicle is returned more than an hour late without proper notification then the full daily rate will be added. Normal pick up and return times are between 08:30 and 17:00. (a charge of $50.00 NZD applies outside of these hours). There is no refund due if you choose to return the motorcycle earlier than the full period that you have booked for.


For all rentals of 7 days or more the kms are unlimited. For rentals of 6 days or less the allowance is 400kms per day and thereafter $0.49c per km. So for example for a 3 day rental there is an allowance of 1,200km. For every extra 100km the cost will be $49.00 NZD. The average distance per day that customers travel in New Zealand is 330 kms.


Full comprehensive vehicle insurance is included in the cost of hire. The insurance excess is $2,500.00 NZD , which will be covered by your Bond. Also each hirer is covered by an additional third party liability insurance of $ 1 Million NZD , should damage be caused to any other property or persons by the hirer ,as a result of using the vehicle. Full insurance details available on request.


The cost of hire does not include fuel. All vehicles are released with a full tank of fuel; you are expected to return the vehicle in the same condition. Should this not be the case then the appropriate costs will deducted from your Bond… The correct fuel for all vehicles unless otherwise advised is 95 or 98 premium.


Comprehensive breakdown cover is with the AA is included in the cost of hire. Additional charges will apply if the call out is as result of an “own fault incident” such as loss of keys or wrong fuel or running out of fuel. In the event of a breakdown please call us first 021 1475990. Do not attempt any repairs yourself unless authorised by Motorcycle Rentals Ltd and do not load the motorcycle onto any vehicle other than an approved AA recovery vehicle if appropriate. In the event of a major breakdown an alternative suitable motorcycle will be supplied if possible, otherwise a full refund will be given for the unused period of hire.  Sometimes due to circumstances beyond our control, such as an unforeseen mechanical problem or accident, the motorcycle of your choice may not be available. In such circumstances you will be offered an alternative suitable motorcycle for the period of your hire. If the motorcycle is an upgrade then there is no additional cost to you and if the substituted motorcycle is less expensive than the motorcycle that you booked, then you will receive a part refund. If no suitable motorcycle is available, then you will be offered a full refund.  A suitable motorcycle means one that is of similar physical dimensions, weight, engine capacity and riding position, although it may not be from the same manufacturer.


All our vehicles are maintained , and kept in top condition. You are requested to treat the vehicle as if it were your own and you are expected to return the motorcycle in the same condition as you received it. Driving on unsealed roads (unmade or gravel roads) is not permitted due to the far greater chance of being involved in an accident and where help may not be immediately available. This would adversly affect your holiday and possibly the next customer who has booked a particular motorcylce should damage occur.   New Zealand has a great network of sealed roads that will allow to visit a vast number of spectacular places with a higher degree of safety. If you ride on unsealed roads causing damage to the motorcycle and requiring extensive deep cleaning, you will be charged accordingly.   Do not attempt to clean the motorcycle whilst in your care. This requires the use of proper materials , cleaning agents and plenty of clean running water, as without such items you will damage the motorcycle, in particular windscreens and paintwork and you will be liable for any such damage. Tank bags are not to be used nor are any items to be attached to the fuel tank. A tank re-spray is expensive. You are expected to comply with all the rules of the road (in town 50kph, max open road 100kph , or as advised) and New Zealand laws, whilst driving in New Zealand you will drive on the left hand side of the road. The Hirer is responsible for all traffic fines and infringements.

Important phone numbers.

Motorcycle Rentals Ltd 021 1475990 125 Aston Drive, Waimairi Beach ,Christchurch

AA Breakdown Assistance 0800 734534 (quote vehicle registration number)